Seattle Take Two

I know, I know, we were just in Seattle. But with a (pretty much) all expenses paid trip to Seattle on my hands, what am I supposed to do but invite Brian along? Since my work would be paying for my flight and one of the two nights of hotel we’d need to stay the weekend, most of the trip was already paid off 😀 Within an hour of me suggesting to Brian that he come join me after my work week was over, his plane ticket was booked.

Friday, November 7

Brian didn’t arrive in Seattle until pretty late Friday night. I met him at the train stop in downtown Seattle, and after we dropped off his stuff at the hotel, we headed down to Belltown for late night happy hour.

If you’re visiting Seattle for the first time, make sure you checkout late night happy hour, because afaik its not a thing anywhere else (at least, not anywhere I’ve been). For example, at Japonessa, which is where we went, there is a 11pm-1am late night happy hour where the food and a few selected cocktails are lightly discounted. It’s pretty worth it! I’ve been to Umi’s Sake House for their late night happy hour too, and the garlic short ribs and sashimi plate are both super yummy and worth it!

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We considered hitting up another bar after Japonessa, but the flight made Brian pretty tired, so we decided to call it a night.

Saturday, November 8

Our main eats for Saturday was Paseo’s, which we didn’t get to try our previous Seattle trip because our friends suck and went while we were at our race. We called a lyft from our hotel and took the very expensive ride all the way over to Fremont, just to get Paseo’s. We had luckily thought to call ahead, while we were still at the hotel, so we were able to just grab and go when we arrived.

We had the Lyft drop us back off at the Space Needle park, and found a spot inside one of the exhibition halls to sit down and eat.


So… I know this is a controversial opinion, but I think Paseo’s is just okay. Sure, maybe it degraded in quality some because we had to tote it back from Fremont, where it just sat in the bag, slowly turning soggy, but I dunno! I think I still like Ike’s, or even Bite, back home in SF better. Those grilled onions though, I’d go to Paseo’s just for those.

Turns out that Paseo actually shut down, only a few days after we had gone! It literally does not exist anymore. I’m so glad we caught it in the nick of time, and sad that such an iconically Seattle-an establishment is now just another mark in the culinary history books of eateries come and gone.

After we polished off our sandwiches, Brian and I headed over to the EMP Museum. I’ve walked past the EMP Museum dozens of times before on previous Seattle trips, and never even had the briefest thought about venturing in. Worst. Decision. Ever, because this place is AMAZING!

If you’re a sci-fi or fantasy geek, I promise you’ll enjoy it. Just the sci-fi exhibit alone had Brian and I gaping for more than an entire hour. It features props from dozens of movies that have made up the compendium of sci-fi must-sees, as well as highlights other crucial contributions to the evolution of the modern sci-fi genre. I was definitely majorly geeking out.


The fantasy exhibit was equally compelling, maybe even more-so, as it held manuscripts with penciled in edits from stories such as Eragon, Game of Thrones, etc. It even had Ursula Le Guin’s sketches of the universe she was building for one of her fantasy series! It was an absolutely intriguing look at what goes on in a writer’s mind when they’re doing their world-building, and the painstakingness with which the timelines of their stories are interwoven.


The Horror exhibit, which I think was a halloween special, was gripping as well. The exhibit leads you through each puzzle piece of the final masterpiece, from soundtrack to story-building to typical horror archetypes. It was a great in-depth look at the history of the horror genre, and how certain repeating archetypes, such as succubi or vampires or zombies, evolved throughout history and across cultures.

There were a few other notable exhibits, like the collection of classic guitars, that we didn’t have time to go in, but that I would have loved to check out. I seriously give the EMP Museum my HIGHEST HIGHEST recommendation. Like if there’s one museum you should really check out in Seattle, I’d say this one. Who needs sunsets over the skyline of Seattle from the patio of the Space Needle when you could be looking at the original screenplay from the first episode of Game of Thrones?? It’ll cost you less, too 😉


For dinner, I had made us a reservation at the Metropolitan Grill, which I had heard was one of the best steak restaurants in Seattle. Most importantly, they had wagyu, which I’d been DYING to try since my friends told me they had tried it and it was the best thing ever. So we ordered the Metropolitan Specialty Steaks – the Snake River Farms American Wagyu Filet Mignon, and the Ohmi Wagyu Filet Mignon.


This may be the emptiest my wallet has ever been due to two plates of meat, but holy balls it was amazing.

Wagyu was every bit as incredible as I thought it would be – melt in your mouth tender and flavorful. The Ohmi, despite being WAY more expensive, was actually less enjoyable to me, since the rivulets of fat were a bit overwhelming. It tasted a bit like eating meat flavored butter. But Brian loved it, and pretty much licked the plate.

Sunday, November 9

Sunday was a bit of a lazy morning. We packed up our room and left our luggage with the front desk after checking out, then meandered over to Sweet Iron for brunch.

Brian ordered the savory Prosciutto and Creme Fraiche waffle, and I ordered a Nutella strawberry waffle. Both were amazing, and well worth the walk down into the heart of downtown.



Since we were already in the area, we decided to cross the Seattle Public Library off our ‘tourism’ checklist. We don’t tend to gravitate towards the super touristy attractions, but as it was a rainy day, the library seemed like a perfect place to seek shelter for a while. We dug out a few books ( I found a copy of a graphic novel version of Ender’s Game, as well as one of The Dark Tower ) and settled into the couches on the top floor.


And because we can’t seem to stay away from Pike’s Place, our last stop of the trip was at The Tasting Room. We walked there from the library, along the coast of Puget Sound, and it was surprisingly a pretty scenic walk! On the way, we discovered this adorable little screenprinting shop, and stopped to peruse its collection of typographical prints.

We actually had a really really hard time finding The Tasting Room, since Google Maps for some reason thought it was on a different street than it actually was on. Instead of between Pike Pl. and Western, The Tasting Room is actually in Post Alley. We had to wander around in the rain without umbrellas for almost 10 minutes before we finally found the right place.

IMG_0182The Tasting Room is super cute – it’s a teeny tiny joint with informal tastings, where they bring you all five glasses at once on a little placemat that describes each pour. We also got a chocolate tasting to pair with our wine, and all of the chocolates were adorable!

We actually went to one last restaurant – Mike’s Noodle House – since it came very highly recommended, and happened to be on the way to the airport. I didn’t actually remember how the food was, but I think this speaks in and of itself of the unlikelihood that I thought the restaurant lived up to its hype. It was quite unfortunate, since we had come all this way just to try it.

While we were preparing to leave the restaurant, we realized that we had made a terrible blunder. The Seahawks had a game that day, so traffic was absolutely TERRIBLE. We called a Lyft, but then had to cancel it because the driver just couldn’t get to us, even after over 10 minutes of waiting! We finally decided to try to catch the train from the nearest stop,  which luckily, was only a few blocks away.

There was a pretty big line of people at the train stop who obviously had the same idea we did. I couldn’t help anxiously glancing at my watch and pacing as the people in front of us purposefully dropped their change and messed around and generally displayed a huge incompetence in the department of train ticket buying. Couldn’t they tell we had a plane to catch?!

Finally, with tickets in hand, Brian and I rushed down into the stop, only to realize that… the train was late! With the clock ticking down to our most-likely missed flight, I couldn’t stop myself from worrying my stomach into knots. Where the *bleep* was the *bleep*ing train??? If we missed our flight, we likely would have to stay at the airport for the night, which would be hugely unfortunate, since Brian and I both had work the next morning.

Suffice it to say that the train eventually came, about 5 or 10 minutes late, and Brian and I made it onto our flight by the skins of our teeth (as our favorite little girl from Masterchef Junior, Oona, would say: “and my teeth don’t even have skin!)


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