Milk and Honey

I’ve been writing so many retrospective posts as of late that I wanted to take a breather real quick and post a picture that I took earlier today, just for a bit of change. Well, it’s also to show that we’re still doing things, which is just putting more topics in my backlog, to be caught up on! What a tragic, vicious cycle haha, but tis the curse of being a blogger, I guess!

So here, both as a list for you lovely readers, and as a reminder to myself what I’ve yet to write about, are a few posts to look forward to:

  • Our couple’s trip to Seattle (coming out in the next day or two yay!)
  • A recap of the RunDisney Avengers Half Marathon
  • Our Christmas stay-cation weekend at Monterey

I swear there were more things, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. Which means… I’m almost caught up!!! YIPPIEEEE!!!


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