Off The Grid – Lower Haight

Alright, I admit it – this one isn’t quite an Adventure of Brangie, as we didn’t actually go to Off The Grid together. I actually went with my coworker Otto, since Brian won’t be moving up to San Francisco for another 1.5 weeks 😦 But the opportunity was just too delicious to pass up! And I promise I will go again when Brian gets settled in, so expect another barrage of food pictures.

Since Off The Grid supposedly starts at 5pm, Otto and I left work around 5:30pm last Thursday to take the Muni to Haight. We arrived a bit past 6, and luckily it wasn’t very crowded yet, so we had time to make a round to investigate our options before doling out our cash.

There was a good variety of trucks, from Indian to Mexican to Euro-fusion. We beelined to the Okonomiyaki Crepe, and it did not disappoint. I’ve never had real Okonomiyaki, so I can’t really comment on the authenticity of the creation, but it was delicious! Okonomiyaki Crepe   The Okonomiyaki Crepe took forever to make, so while Otto was waiting, I wandered over to Bobcha, which is a Korean-Mexican fusion truck, and spied this adorably clever tip jar: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Bulgogi Nachos looked absolutely delectable, so I couldn’t help but throw some money their way.   Bulgogi Nachos In the time we spent deciding what to order, it had started to get really crowded, and most of the plastic chairs arrayed before the makeshift stage were occupied. While we were wandering around waiting for seats to open up, the hot sauce from the nachos spilled ALL over Otto’s pants – it looked like someone stabbed him violently in the leg. As soon as we sat down, we took the little container of hot sauce out and put it on the floor next to our chairs… and someone immediately kicked it over.

The Bulgogi Nachos were decently flavorful, but something about the ratio of chips to topping just wasn’t quite right. Maybe it needed more meat, because everything needs more meat 😉 Or maybe it was because the sauce didn’t have quite the kick I was hoping for, despite being labeled as ‘hot’ sauce.

While we were sitting around munching the last dregs of nachos, the band finished setting up and started into their set. A circle of small children formed, thrashing and jamming to the beat. It was absolutely adorable, and I really wanted to take a few pictures, but I didn’t want to seem like a random creeper taking pictures of other people’s children (although – confession: Otto definitely whipped out his phone and snapped a few).

To round off our meal, we HAD to get some dessert, which came in the form of the creme brûlée cups from Creme Brûlée Cart. At $6 for about 1/4 cup of creme brûlée, these things didn’t come cheap, but then again, when is food from a truck ever cheap?   Creme Brulee CartHonestly, as good as the creme brûlée cups look, I wasn’t impressed. The sauce was overwhelmingly sweet, and drowned out the surprisingly lackadaisical flavor of the custard itself. The golden grahams were a nice crunch, and possibly the only reason I ate as much as I did, but it was definitely not worth the $6 I paid. Next time I decide to give this dessert another shot, I’ll definitely share with a friend.


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